Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A handy but fully featured Self-Extracting maker has been released.

Our friend from Philippine just released a new freeware called The Self-Extractor. This software can be used to archive a folder or files with very easy-to-understand interface. Here is several capability of the app:

  • You can choose a single file or the whole folder to archive (or package, what ever you name it).
  • You can make it as simple installer by adding custom stub (your own .EXE) inside the archive. It can even have a special parameters to run and also ability to run as administrator --  All this done by The Self-Extractor.
  • You can set the archive method from very low compression up to the highest one (of course with some drawbacks).
Main interface

  • You can customize the way the package / archive displayed. You can configure custom title, info-text or even your own logo.
  • Last but not least, this program capable to secure the archive by assigning password-protect. All that at your wish.

Running on Windows 8 Desktop -- Yay!


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